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Pre-licensing 5 Hour class

A 5-hour class is required by the DMV department before you can apply for the road test (MV-278). Students must have an MV-278 certificate at the time of road test appointment or he/she will not be allowed to take the road test. Students under 18 years of age prior to taking the Road Test must present the form MV-262 in addition to the MV-278 certificate. 

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      Online booking 24/7

You can schedule any lesson online . Also you have a choice of the instructor. All payment can be lead online using credit or debit a card. We do not take an extra charge of 4 % for service. You should not call or come to office. You receive confirming on е-mail. The instructor will call to you and will take away you to the address of which you will specify.

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Online Defensive driving course 

Defensive Driving is a term  that defines a series of common sense driving techniques that, if followed, will help reduce the risk of automobile crashes by anticipating basic driving scenarios. As logic goes, even if you're a seasoned professional driver, you're still at risk due to factors outside of your control. Actions of other drivers contribute to many traffic crashes. 

About Left Turn Driving School

Our Driving School is the most popular driving school in Brooklyn and our team of highly skilled, professional drivers are ready to teach you how to be a safe driver for life. Whether you’re a first-time driver or a seasoned driver with years of experience under your belt, Left Turn Driving School has the tips you need to stay road safe! We understand the seriousness of being “road ready” and our instructors are here to help! The Left Turn team is experienced in working with a variety of different drivers.  

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